Pile Cage Welding Machine

Pile Cage Welding Machine. Automatic welding machines designed for the manufacture of high precision cages for reinforced concrete pipes.

Pilecage machine for reinforcement piles of both small and big dimensions for foundations, piling, viaducts etc. Our PileMaster releases cylindrical cage according to your needs. The machine required by the clients is supplied with welding robot.
Control board along with programming panel of data and productions recipes, alarm spies. The Pilemaster produces cylindrical and squared piles of different dimension and length, with welded spiral and programmable pitch. The machine is supplied with heavy-duty supports that give the machine stability and power; a fixed disc and a movable one with holes on request by the client, a controlled system for rotating disc and recipes. The welding robot can be supplied on request.

PILEMASTER: TECHNICAL DATA Unity DC 100/600/12 DC 200/1500/12 DC 400/2000/12 DC 900/3000/16
Maximun lenght cage (on request*) mt. from 12 to 24 (*) from 12 to 24 (*) from 12 to 24 (*) from 16 to 24
Minimum diameter cage mm. 100 200 400 900
Maximun diameter cage mm. 600 1500 2000 3000
Spiral Diameter mm. 6-16 6-16 6-16 8-22
Spiral gap mm. 50-500 50-500 50-500 50-500
Power installed kw./h 7 11 11 35
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